Teaching Experience

Assistant Professor, Daemen College

Self, Medicine, and Culture: Introduction to Medical Humanities

Philosophy of Science

Medical Ethics

Philosophical Issues in Psychiatry

Philosophical Thinking

Religious and Scientific Views of the World

Ambiguity of Human Experience


Critical Thinking (Bogazici University, 2012)

Mind, Brain and Self  (York University, 2008)

Introduction to Philosophy of Psychology (York University, 2007)

Teaching Assistant

Social and Political Philosophy (York University, Maloney, 2010)

Introduction to Applied Ethics (York University, King, 2009)

Experience, Self, and the Mind (Empiricism) (York University, Jopling, 2007, 2008)

Human Nature (York University, King, 2007)

Social and Political Philosophy (York University, Kompridis, 2007)

Introduction to Philosophy (York University, Maclachlan, 2007)

Social Introduction to Philosophy (York University, Veltman, 2006)

Meaning of Life (York University, Hattigandi, 2005)

Meaning of Life (York University, Jackman, 2004)

Introduction to Political Philosophy (University of Saskatchewan, Crossley, 2003)

Introduction to Ethics (University of Saskatchewan, O’Hagan, 2002)

Economic History and Civilization 1-2 (University of Saskatchewan, Yildirim, 2001)